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Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Calendar -My work is December!

I just found out one of my wall hangings is in the 2011 calendar (December)
I am very pleased and hope you will check it out. There are other pieces featured under the "Art quilts" as well.

Friday, December 17, 2010

more Christmas knitting

I have finally finished my Christmas presents - and I hope the girls in the family will like them. It has been fun to do and helped me get over a hard time especially this past week.

It was a year ago on the l3th that we lost our son Rob.

I received a parcel from my friend Deb - a skein of merino wool and a skein of alpaca wool. So beautiful. I haven't decided w
hat I will do with it. The alpaca will definitely go into a pair of socks for
me and I am thinking about a lacy scarf. The merino will make a lovely hat to go with my leather coat! Dear Debbie - such a good friend.
The weather is getting colder but actually we have avoid
ed the terrible weather here in
Southern Alberta.

I imagine most of you are ready or nearly ready for Christmas. I hope , if you are
going away, that you will arrive at your destination safely. For those of you who are staying
near or at home, I hope your Christmas is lovely.

For those of you from around the world -- May you have health and happiness, whatever time of the year, or whatever faith you live by.
I think of the Christmas we spent in Whangaparaoa, New Zealand in the 70's on the beach with
our friends -- and our Christmas's in Arizona at Valle Del Oro where we made such wonderful life long friends.

I want to congratulate my dear on line friend Miriam Gogarty who designed 'Emma's Tree' in
honour of her daughter who died of cancer a few years ago. Emma's tree is being made by
Quilters around the world. Miriam presented the President of Ireland an Emma's tree. She
also contributes a huge amount of her time and knowledge teaching, designing and quilting -throughout Ireland. I am honored to know her. We share the loss of an adult child and it
means a lot to me to have her for a friend.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas projects

I have been knitting up a storm this
past while -- have done lots of hats, mittens, scarves and socks
for family and friends for Christmas.
I have also knit 3 sweaters so as you can see, I have been
busy!. I made the brown set for myself - I like
the caps with the brims - I designed a
crochet pattern which works well. The red hat and socks are
part of a set I did for my dear friend Debbie - socks, hat, scarf and mittens. She lives in Athabasca and it is even colder there than
here on the average - (North of Edmonton). The mottled teal and beige set is for one of my family members and the pink socks go with the sweater I did previously. I needed a break from thread painting and art quilts and these are my first times doing socks and
mittens although I have knitted and crochet for years. I am enjoying it very much.
I still learn a pattern and then change it - grin. Our weather is better -
we had a terrible week awhile ago and word was that we were one of
the coldest spots on earth -- (might have been a bit of imagination - but
it sure felt like it and it was in the paper as a fact!)

It has been nicer lately and we have even had some Chinook winds which
are warm winds from the west.