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Sunday, November 14, 2010

more knitting

I designed a cap for myself that isn't as large as most of the patterns - I like it better for
me as I don't wear floppy hats that well. I think I will make up a bunch of different styles of hats and give them to a charity that needs clothes -- our winters are so cold here that warm hats, mittens, sweaters etc. are very welcome. They only
take me a little while so I think I will use it as a project for " Inn from the Cold" which works in conjunction shelters for abused women and families who have to leave home suddenly.
The blue hat I posted previously is much
larger and would suit a young person more than the red one does.

I have so many different types of yarn I think it would be a good project for my evenings.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Finished pullover

Here is the finishes sweater and luckily it fit her perfectly.

I can now relax and decide what I want to do next.

I think I will start doing some thread painting as I have
some photos of some interesting subjects so I might just start one of them.

They are warning we will get our first winter storm starting on Monday, so I guess winter is on the way. We have had a great autumn so far after a crappy summer.
I have enjoyed knitting 4 (can it be 4 sweaters in the past two months?) think I will start doing some socks for
Christmas. It is years since I knitted some socks so have been checking the internet. I found a couple of patterns that look quite simple. I hope to advance into making some
fancy legs with the regular sock foot but I think I had better knit a couple of pairs first!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I am coming along with the sweater I am knitting for my dil - I finished her hat and the back of the sweater and am currently working on the front. The hat is crochet and I took a basic pattern and
changed it quite a bit -- The yarn is so pretty -- and I decided that I would use an overall pattern for the sweater.

It will be quite cosy and good for outdoor activities in our winter, under a coat or jacket. I think it will be good for camping too as they go camping quite a lot and the evenings are chilly.

Once I get this one finished I will open up my sewing machine and start a couple of projects I have in mind --I really needed this break and feel a lot of energy now that I have taken a bit of
a holiday.

I also have been doing water exercises 3 days a week and am feeling the difference.

I turned over my yahoo group (Learningfa) to Julie and Delia as I felt I had done what I could in the way of teaching my work. It is amazing we held 37 classes not counting my thread painting and some of my rough edged landscapes - over the past years- all classes are free and
it is amazing the great work the girls are doing. Debbie just taught us a watercolor quilt and the girls put a motif of some sort in the middle or side of the piece.

I will however do another thread painting series sometime next year. I am in the process of debating whether to change the format and do groups of 3 tutorials in one group - with signups for each group. Both the new owners are doing a great job and it is a relief for me to see how smoothly the transition has been accomplished. both are very talented and I know lots of new things will transpire on the group.

It is a lovely autumn day here in Calgary - sunny and not too chilly. I love the fact that
we get so much sunlight here rather than dull, cloudy days. I don't mind the cold that much when it is sunny! We didn't have a nice summer but October and the first part of November have been lovely. There is snow on the peaks of the Rockies and I can see them out my window.

We are going to take a drive up to Banff next week if the nice weather stays. I will post a picture of the finished sweater in the next week or two.