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Saturday, January 15, 2011


I hope you will check out the Challenging ourselves blog . There are a new group of
Favorite place (s) challenges posted today and once again the girls did a great job.

I was unable to join in this Challenge but am enjoying looking at the work the
ladies did.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hayley's 7th Birthday

My grand daughter had a birthday party with a group of little girls . They had a face painter and this is the result. Such a joy!

It is very cold here today - they had hoped to have a skating
party but the weather didn't cooperate. She phoned and said they
had a good time anyway. 7 years have gone by so quickly.

It is finished!

I finished Hayley's sweater and it really looks
great on her. I made it plenty long so that she can be warm
while camping, or on cool days. It is multi colored -I used
worsted weight yarn and it has a drop sleeve.
I tried out l5 different stitches in the stripes and
it was fun trying to use different stitches for each color.

I have also made a few more hats as
a lot of people want one and have a pair
of worsted weight socks under way - finished the first one and am halfway
thru the second one. My friend lives
quite far north and I am doing about 3 or 4 pairs for her to wear in the winter.

I am also planning on doing a cotton
pullover for summer for myself.

I am really enjoying the break from my sewing machine - I have worked steadily on my art
quilts for l0 years without a break and so this is a really pleasant time for me as far as
my creative streak is concerned. I did some knitting and lots of crochet years ago and am
finding it interesting to try my own designs in different projects.

It is very cold here today - another winter storm arrived yesterday and there were some bad
accidents on the trans Canada Highway south of Calgary. We drove that road often when we
lived south of here and it is very treacherous as it is quite flat and the wind howls across the
highway and blizzard conditions make it very dangerous.

Pat and I are going to take it easy for the next week as the Christmas season and Hayley's birthday have been really busy. I am meeting a friend for lunch on Thursday but not much else planned.

Take care everyone! Shirley

Friday, January 7, 2011

Good morning!

I am just back from morning coffee with my swimming exercise friends here in our condo.
We all meet after swimming and other friends from the condo meet us - we then visit for an hour or two. rather nice. I am enjoying the swimming 3 times a week and it is definitely good for me.

I am still knitting -- today is
Hayley's 7th birthday -
it is hard to believe - we are going out for dinner at a restaurant tonight and she will have her little
friends over for a skating party on
I am knitting her a very colorful original sweater (as usual, I enjoy designing as I go along) and it is looking quite good. I want it to keep her warm when they are camping and sitting around the campfire, or on chilly days --I have used about l5 different stitches on the rows and am having lots of fun with it. I am also still doing hats with the brim. It is amazing how popular they are and I am glad to say that the Christmas presents went over very well - in fact all the family girls have asked for another one. I am posting some of the new ones I have made .