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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thought for the day

To dream to drift,
We have hard work to do
And loads to lift,
Shun not the struggle,
It is God’s gift.


I have just talked to my dear friend Deb - and she has agreed to teach a class
for people who have never quilted before or who need more information as to how to get started. This class will be announced later on my learningfa group.

I know there are people out there who would love to get started quilting but have no idea what is needed or where to start. Deb will teach this in the New Year on the learningfa group. She is very very experienced and has taught beginning quilting in local quilt stores.

I will be announcing on my blog when we set it up-- Thanks to Deb for agreeing to do this for us.

check out her blog - click on friends - Debbie on my side bar.

It is so wonderful that so many friends and students are helping me with the classes on the learningfa (fiber arts) group - by donating their time and knowledge. Deb has been
my most dear friend ever since we met each other. Shirley


I hope all my American friends have a wonderful THANKSGIVING Day, with friends and family. I hope your turkey is delicious and that you enjoy every minute of it. We all have
much to be thankful for.
I also want to mention the terrible attack in India. I hope that any hostages are released and that things settle down. It is such a scary world!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another Chinook arch today!

I have never seen as many Chinook Arches in one short period of time, as we have had this past month! Today we had a perfect arch, and this was the 3rd one since last Wednesday.
Usually, if we are lucky, we get one every 6 - 8 weeks. They always mean warm weather which is really nice in this part of the world.
I am finished quilting the wall hanging I will be giving as a prize for the girls in the learningfa group who completed one of the two projects which were in the draw. Each person who finished the sampler quilt and/or the Southwest Wall hanging will be eligible.

I just have to put the backing, sleeve, binding and label on it. It needs to be ready for the end of November. Once I have it done I want to finish my winter scene which is ready for the borders. It should be finished soon. I think I will take it easy after that until after Christmas. (Unless I get bored, grin).

I had hoped to spend some time on the learningfa site today and sort out the photos and clean up the files, but yahoo must be closed down as I can't get in either through Firefox
or Explorer. Hopefully they will get back to normal tomorrow.
Thanks to all the people who have taken the time to put comments on my different posts
I do appreciate hearing from you. It is so nice to see the number of hits building up so quickly. I really am enjoying having this blog! I hope to learn more about doing different things with it when we have the blogger 101 class with Chris D on learningfa. There are lots of other things I can do with it from the sounds of things.

I hope our American friends are all prepared for their Thanksgiving feast. Shirley

Monday, November 24, 2008

Learningfa Classes- Grey Cup

I wanted to post a picture of the jean's quilt that one of our Members, Janet, made for
a Christmas present. She is going to make a bag to go with it. I love the colors she chose and won't it be great for football games and picnics? These quilts are made with flannelette and blue jean fabric and don't require
any batting. Judith from Cdnquiltswappers taught the class for us (as well as lots of other classes), and the girls really enjoyed it. We also have a wonderful class coming up shortly called square dance, it is a beautiful quilt and Cheryl P. has kindly agreed to teach it to us.

Our group is unique, as friends, and members donate their time and knowledge to give classes to the members. There is no charge and what a great, enthusiastic group we have.
I feel as if each and every one is a friend. We have members from all over the world. It is just great. Shirley

I have just started the beginning thread painting class for our new members. This is the 3rd time we have started the thread painting class from scratch. There seems to be a great deal of interest in thread painting and so I hope we help people learn to use it in their landscapes and on their traditional quilts.

CALGARY WON THE GREY CUP!!!!!!!! YEAH! I imagine all the Canadians watched it.
I remember some great Grey Cup parties over the years. Needless to say everyone here
is tickled pink! This is the BIG final for our Canadian Football Season and the western Champions meet the eastern Champions - Congratulations to all the players, it was a good game against Montreal.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Good morning

I have been busy this week finishing a commission wall hanging and completing the top of
the prize I am giving for the Learningfa group draw. The first is much like two others I have done recently for Wellspring, but the lady who ordered it really wanted one like it so I broke down and made it for her - I try to avoid doing two the same - so there are a few changes in it.
The second is the top I finished last night to be drawn as a prize for learningfa.
Each of the girls who finished the sampler quilt and or the Southwest Landscape is
eligible for the draw. I just have to quilt it and put a backing and sleeve on then the binding and it is finished! I just hope the winner likes it. I had a beautiful piece of my
hand dyed fabric which suited the scene I had in mind. T here is lots of thread painting on it.
We have had a pretty cold week but it is nicer today. I am happy to say that the
first two sections of Beginning Thread painting have been sent out to those who signed
up for the class- I hope they enjoyed it. They are learning to thread paint a rose bud and a humming bird for the first session. I will post pictures of their work when I receive some pictures.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Thread painting

Here are a couple of pictures of my thread painting. One is the next project in my thread painting class - I painted the leaves and then thread painted over some parts of the leaves. The other is a peacock which I really enjoyed working on. Click on both to see the close ups. I beaded part of the peacock -- it is 13" x 13".

I am working on a landscape to be used as a prize on my learningfa group. I hope whoever wins it will like it. I am having lots of fun doing it.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Winter is here, I am sorry to say. Brrrrr !! Actually we are fortunate that it took this long as I have known it to turn very cold in October, so I guess it is to be expected.

I have been fighting bronchitis this past week and am finally feeling better. I have to venture out to get some variegated thread, some 505 spray for this wall hanging, and something for the border of the wall hanging I am working on. If the roads are too
slippery I will just wait until tomorrow. Gone are the days when I would drive in all
kinds of weather. Eight winters in Arizona cured me of that and now I hate to winter drive. Luckily my husband doesn't mind and as we are retired we can pick when we want to go out.
The kids got us a mattress cover that can be regulated to different settings of heat and can be used on one side or both. Why didn't I get one of these before???? It is absolutely wonderful. I am always cold and I turn on my side about l5 minutes before I
go to bed and it is toasty and warm! I don't leave it on all night but it sure is great. I would recommend it for anyone who gets cold and has trouble thawing out like me.

Well, I think it is time for me to read my paper. I seem to have so much time now that the US elections are over! I got to the point where I couldn't turn it off and even though I
am a Canadian, I found it drew me in. Our election came and went and wasn't nearly as exciting as the US.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

3 fabric wall hangings

here are some more 3 fabric wall hangings using different panels and pieces of fabric for the centers. The Christmas scene was done by
Julie in our firlst class. The other two are mine - the elephants was from a piece of animal fabric I had in my stash and the Barn was a panel I picked up. You can see the different result with the different types of fabrics. I rather like doing
thread painted centers and working from there see the humming bird in the previous post , but in the class you learn different types of centers for your creation. S

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hummer & flowers

Here is a picture of one of my 3 fabric wall hangings. I used one of my own centers showing a pretty hummer, and two other fabrics. I used one of my hand dyed fabrics for the center block and another for the border - I as mentioned in my last post , I will be teaching this again soon.

Learningfa confirmed classes

Here are some examples of the ongoing thread painting classes - A rosebud, pointsettia and a house.

We have our schedule for after Christmas pretty well firmed up.

2008 classes
Beginning thread painting - Nov. 20th sign up by Monday (repeat of series)
Square Dance - with Cheryl, Dec. 6 and 7th
Blogger l0l with Chris - not confirmed

2009 Classes
3 fabric wall hanging - Jan. 4 & 5 - Shirley
Beginning Thread painting part 2 --
Make a little book with Carol -Early Feb
Chenille pillow cover - Shirley - mid Feb

Prairie points - Judith (repeat)
simple landscape - Shirley
advanced landscape - Shirley
Easy Stars - Miriam from Ireland (repeat)
Quilt a picture of your house - Chris. May

All our classes are free and they are wonderful. click on the side bar (learningfa) and
go to the site and join our group.
I have been down with a bad cold which turned into bronchitis so haven't been doing much lately. I am starting to feel like it is finally getting better.

I would love it if you would comment on any of my posts - what do you think of the classes for next year -- We have over 300 members on my learning fa group and I am really looking forward to next year. Remember you must sign up for the threadpainting before Monday night - so if you are interested join the group and sign up in the data base right away!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

JEAN QUILTS, by learningfa members

We just finished a jeans quilt, taught by Judith from the Cdnquiltswappers, and I was in awe of the beautiful quilts that were made by our students. Here are some of them.

Judith and the other teachers donate their time to teach these classes and I thank them, and I am sure the girls in the group do too. We have some great classes coming up in 2009. We have over 300 members and the group is growing. The classes are easy to follow and we do have a wonderful group of ladies. It is overwhelming to see what the girls have accomplished over the last year and a half.

Aren't these wonderful! Shirley

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Carol Miller, Founder of 'The Quilt'

and I, standing in front of two of my wall hangings. Carol is a breast cancer survivor and Founder of 'The Quilt' which has raised millions of dollars in support of Cancer over the years. I have been donating my wall hangings for 4 or 5 years with a great feeling of satisfaction. This year I was
the 'Featured Quilter' at the Calgary auction. I managed to sell all the wall hangings in
the display of my works,with proceeds going to Wellspring. We did very well. Carol has a couple of my wall hangings in her personal collection which she purchased through the auctions.

This year Wellspring (which is the recipient of the funds from the Calgary's auction) organized the
auction and it was wonderful. Two wonderful groups working together. "The quilt"
was organized by Sandra Krystolowich and her great group of volunteers
since the inception of the auction at Calgary. I have been honored to help in every way I could . As Wendy, from Wellspring mentioned - "Boy are they ever organized, and do they ever know what they are doing!" Sandra also oversees the setting up, volunteers and taking down of the Calgary quilts at our local LaZboy. LaZboy has been one of the original sponsors of 'The Quilt' and allows us to show the quilts at their stores all across Canada.
It is wonderful fun to meet Calgary area quilters when we 'sit for the quilts' and great to
meet each other every year at the auction. Shirley

In Flanders Fields
By: Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, MD (1872-1918)
Canadian Army
Written in l915 in Ypres

IN FLANDERS FIELDS the poppies blow
Between the crosses row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Toronto Quilt auction

This is a picture of the wall hanging which is being auctioned in
Toronto tonight at "The Quilt" - If any of you are at the auction-
see tonight, check it out.

It is an Ontario Autumn scene . This is a rough edged applique and thread painting on one of my hand dyes.

I hope it does well for "The Quilt Project for cancer support".

The quilts donated from all over the country are outstanding.
if you want to check them all out, go to the above link and
browse through all the quilts.

I am working on a commission quilt and should be finished next week.
I have a few things to finish up and I am NOT going to start anything new until am all caught up. I find that works out best for me as I hate having unfinished work on hand.

I am hoping to start another series of The Canadian Rockies and Alberta scenes.
I also want to do a flower garden and another poppy scene, so I might have a busy
early 2009!

It is a lovely day here in Calgary - sunny and bright which is better than dull and cold or rainy as far as I am concerned. I do love the fact that we have many many sunny days here, even when it is very cold. I found the coast so different and the dull, rainy days
were a bit difficult for me , even though there was very little snow or bitter weather.

I do love the early spring and blossoms there though.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


is the name of the quilt that will be taught on the learning fa group in early December.
It is a beautiful wall hanging and I am excited that Cheryl, one of our members will teach us how to make it. If you are interested in making it - click on the side bar (learningfa)
and click on 'join' and I will be happy to accept you.

Here is a picture, isn't it beautiful? We have lots of great free classes coming up in
2009 - The classes are all taught by members of the group. We are also starting up
my Beginners' thread painting classes which are ongoing and I think, very helpful for those who wish to learn how to thread paint birds, and landscapes.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Calgary Quilt Auction for Wellspring

Our quilt auction was very successful. I am not sure of the final amount raised but what a great evening! It was held at the Calgary Golf and Country club in the most beautiful setting. The clubhouse lent itself very well to the auction and we all had a marvelous time. I was honored to have a section set aside for my work and all the landscapes I had there, sold,
which was great. The best thing was, I met the people who bought them. It is nice to know where my 'babies' are going. grin. The one that was in the live auction did very well too. I am including some of the beautiful quilts that were in the live auction. We have been
able to raise a large amount of money for cancer research here in Calgary over the past 6 years, and this year , all the proceeds went to Wellspring. The quilt being held by the two young men (below)was received from Kenya. The lady who made it made friends with a Canadian quilter and sent the Quilt Project a quilt this year. It is beautifully done. All the others are
quilts that caught my eye. I am also showing a picture of 3 of my quilts that were sold as well as the auction quilt which did very well too. All in all a wonderful evening. So well organized by 'TheQuilt and Wellspring. Shirley

Thursday, November 6, 2008

This and that

Good morning!
here is a picture of a wall hanging I made last year for Verona - a friend from Revelstoke. It is called 'The travelers'
I just finished putting together a class for the learningfa group on
" Quilt as you go quilts - my way" It explains my way of doing the manual machine quilting as simply as I can manage. We will be sending out the emails over the weekend.

click on 'learningfa' in the side bar if you are interested in joining.
We still have some snow on the ground but it is melting- I am looking forward to tonight
as I will be attending 'The Quilt" auction for Wellspring for cancer support. We hope to auction over 90 quilts for this wonderful cause. I wish you could all be there with me.

I finished my "Winter fun" wall hanging and will give it to Wellspring tonight. I now hope to finish the wall hanging I started for my friend , and make sure I have a quilt ready for
a prize on my group. I have one picked out but might, if time permits do another one.
Life is good! Isn't retirement great? I can do what I want, when I want to. grin. I find I am always busy but it is self inflicted. It is too bad you have to grow old to get there.

I am also reading as many Colleen McCullough books as I can find at the library. Just finished the 'Thorn Birds' and am now reading
'The Touch'. She has written a few others and I hope to slowly get through them all.

Well, off to make lunch for hubby. Take care everyone! I hope to take some pictures of the auction tonight and will post them tomorrow. Shirley

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I spent last evening and today watching the Election coverage. I believe it is a
wonderful thing and I know our American friends are feeling so much more hopeful.

Even though I am not a US Citizen, I have been so impressed at the way President elect Obama handled himself and remained on a straight path. It is an historical election and I think you all should be proud. I wish him and my American friends , success in solving the problems that you are facing right now. Congratulations. Shirley

HOME RUN by Verona

My friend Verona made this wonderful quilt for her grandson. I have seen the top, but the finished quilt is just outstanding! Click on it to check out the
piecing and quilting. She does wonderful work.

Her grandson will sure enjoy this one.

It is quite cold so I am in my warm winter clothes.

I am between projects right now. I finished the winter skating scene for Wellspring and have a couple of wall hangings started so want to get them finished. I try to avoid having more than two unfinished wall hangings on hand, although I have sometimes gotten further behind than that. I don't like having unfinished work on hand- although I have to admit I have often finished a piece without finishing the binding until I need it.

Calgary received a 6" snowfall last night so winter has finally arrived. It is not my favorite season, as I hate being cold. Oh well I have survived many many winters, and I am sure I will survive this one

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I promised my students who made the sampler quilt or the Southwest wall hanging, or both, that if they finished the top of their project and sent me a picture
they would qualify for a draw of one of my wall hangings. The winner will be able to choose one of the two pieces shown here.
We will be holding the draw in late November.

The first is one of my 'Fantasy' Series of crazy patch wall hangings. It has a thread painted chickadee and a painted and embellished peacock - I made 6 blocks and put them together. Click on the picture to get a closeup. The second wall hanging is a forest scene in the rockies that I made last year. It is mostly
rough edged applique with a fair amount of thread painting. I also appliqued 2 eagles and a mountain Sheep . It is from a photo I took at Lake Minnewanka near Banff in the Canadian Rockies in the autumn. There are many Mountain sheep in that area and they are very very tame.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Wellspring- another large donation!

Wellspring has received another $2500.00 corporate donation so another of my quilts will be given away! I am really pleased that once again my wall hanging will be of use to help receive donations for this wonderful support house.

I don't know which of the quilts will be chosen, but I do hope they like it.

I will be attending the Auction put on by 'The Quilt' as funds received in the Calgary
auction will be given to Wellspring. The auction is on Thursday and I am really looking forward to it. Quilts from all over Canada and some from the U.S. are donated to
"The Quilt "for cancer support. Auctions are held in Stratford, Toronto, Calgary, and Kamloops and all the quilts have been divided up and have traveled to different parts of Canada. We have approximately 90 quilts here in Calgary. Carol Miller will be attending. Carol is the founder of the Quilt Project , and what a great lady she is. She has been the driving force behind the Quilt Project since its inception. I have been honored to
donate a couple of my wall hangings each year. This is the 2nd year that Wellspring has
been involved with the auction.
I am looking forward to see my friend Noell who is going to be there too. I haven't seen her for quite some time even though she lives here.
We had ANOTHER Chinook arch today. It is very unusual for us to get so many in a row.
We have had a wonderful October. It sounds as if we might get a little bit of snow tomorrow and Wednesday.
We had our little grand daughter Hayley here today - she is nearly five and she spends at least one day a week with us. What a joy she is! She is amazing on the computer , unbelievable. She went to her first movie yesterday and had a great time. Thought it was really neat.
I started the binding on my 2nd skating wall hanging (haven't decided on a name) and just have to finish it up and put on a label. I will give it to Wellspring for the first sponser when I go to the auction. I am glad to get it done. Life is good, and very busy for me right now, which is good.
I have been keeping track of the American election and I am sure tomorrow will be an
exciting day. Canadians are all talking about it and I hope that there are no major problems. I am sure everyone will be happy to get back to normal, no matter who


Sunday, November 2, 2008


Here is the quilted top of the wall hanging that will be given to a corporate donor for their large donation to Wellspring.

I still have to back it, bind it and label it.

I used a very dark blue background and used acrylic paints with textile medium to color the sky as well as paint the distant houses and and
snow. The thread painted the trees and shrubs. The children were painted and then fused and satin stitched to the ice. I thread painted the tall trees in the foreground and appliqued the bushes. I hope you like it.