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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another Chinook arch today!

I have never seen as many Chinook Arches in one short period of time, as we have had this past month! Today we had a perfect arch, and this was the 3rd one since last Wednesday.
Usually, if we are lucky, we get one every 6 - 8 weeks. They always mean warm weather which is really nice in this part of the world.
I am finished quilting the wall hanging I will be giving as a prize for the girls in the learningfa group who completed one of the two projects which were in the draw. Each person who finished the sampler quilt and/or the Southwest Wall hanging will be eligible.

I just have to put the backing, sleeve, binding and label on it. It needs to be ready for the end of November. Once I have it done I want to finish my winter scene which is ready for the borders. It should be finished soon. I think I will take it easy after that until after Christmas. (Unless I get bored, grin).

I had hoped to spend some time on the learningfa site today and sort out the photos and clean up the files, but yahoo must be closed down as I can't get in either through Firefox
or Explorer. Hopefully they will get back to normal tomorrow.
Thanks to all the people who have taken the time to put comments on my different posts
I do appreciate hearing from you. It is so nice to see the number of hits building up so quickly. I really am enjoying having this blog! I hope to learn more about doing different things with it when we have the blogger 101 class with Chris D on learningfa. There are lots of other things I can do with it from the sounds of things.

I hope our American friends are all prepared for their Thanksgiving feast. Shirley

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