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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Carol Miller, Founder of 'The Quilt'

and I, standing in front of two of my wall hangings. Carol is a breast cancer survivor and Founder of 'The Quilt' which has raised millions of dollars in support of Cancer over the years. I have been donating my wall hangings for 4 or 5 years with a great feeling of satisfaction. This year I was
the 'Featured Quilter' at the Calgary auction. I managed to sell all the wall hangings in
the display of my works,with proceeds going to Wellspring. We did very well. Carol has a couple of my wall hangings in her personal collection which she purchased through the auctions.

This year Wellspring (which is the recipient of the funds from the Calgary's auction) organized the
auction and it was wonderful. Two wonderful groups working together. "The quilt"
was organized by Sandra Krystolowich and her great group of volunteers
since the inception of the auction at Calgary. I have been honored to help in every way I could . As Wendy, from Wellspring mentioned - "Boy are they ever organized, and do they ever know what they are doing!" Sandra also oversees the setting up, volunteers and taking down of the Calgary quilts at our local LaZboy. LaZboy has been one of the original sponsors of 'The Quilt' and allows us to show the quilts at their stores all across Canada.
It is wonderful fun to meet Calgary area quilters when we 'sit for the quilts' and great to
meet each other every year at the auction. Shirley


Sharon said...

Wow what an accomplishment Shirley, congratulaions!!! You must feel so honored and your beautiful quilts deserve it.

Debbie said...

what a nice picture of you!!