knitting Paradise

I belong to a wonderful knitting and crochet group called

Knitting Paradise.

I hope you will drop by and check us out. Shirley

Friday, October 28, 2011

Christmas presents

I have my Christmas presents nearly finished -- and have enjoyed every moment !   It has been interesting to  do knitting again after many years of fabric work.  I hope to get back to my fabric landscapes and thread painting after Christmas.    

We are both (my husband and I) doing very very well and I am so thankful that he has come through
serious surgery and is back to being himself again.     I am swimming at least  3 mornings a week (water exercises) and after swimming a group of us have coffee in the condo clubhouse.  Our kids live nearby and our 8 year old grand daughter is only  l5 minutes away.  Life is good.   Shirley

Scarf Shawl.

I used a size  15 mm (l9 US) needle and a size  7mm needle  and did  the 'condo' stitch for this shawl.

I then crochet a fancy border along the bottom two sides.  It can also  be worn as a shoulder shawl.

Lots of fun!

Friday, October 21, 2011

new slippers -

I just finished these -- easy to make and nice and warm.  I will wear them over my knitted worsted socks this winter as our floors always seem cold to me.   I made the pair this afternoon.  Pattern is a bit confusing but once you figure it out it  works out quickly.  lots of fun

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

here is some more of my fabric and thread painting work

I got very interested in thread painting and also decided to fool around with photo shop and the first picture is a result.  All these are l2" square pieces done on heavy web (timtex)  Such fun!

I will be going back to doing these after Christmas once my knitting projects are finished.


Some of my art quilts

I have spent the last l5 years doing Fabric Art quilts and just this past year have taken a break and am now working on some of my own knitting designs.  I am going to post a few of my quilts  in the next while and I hope you enjoy them.   Shirley-

Monday, October 10, 2011

Another " coat of many colors"

Here is another finished sweater from my workshop on " Knitting Paradise"-  We each figured out
our stitch numbers for our sizesl- and away we go!   I am really happy with the way these are turning out.   If you want to check out the forum  the link is attached.  I am having fun knitting for now but will likely return to art quilts sometime soon.   I have some projects for Christmas to finish first.

If any of you are knitters you should join Knitting Paradise -- it is a great place and all problems are solved! (ask me how I know!)