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Monday, November 10, 2008

Toronto Quilt auction

This is a picture of the wall hanging which is being auctioned in
Toronto tonight at "The Quilt" - If any of you are at the auction-
see tonight, check it out.

It is an Ontario Autumn scene . This is a rough edged applique and thread painting on one of my hand dyes.

I hope it does well for "The Quilt Project for cancer support".

The quilts donated from all over the country are outstanding.
if you want to check them all out, go to the above link and
browse through all the quilts.

I am working on a commission quilt and should be finished next week.
I have a few things to finish up and I am NOT going to start anything new until am all caught up. I find that works out best for me as I hate having unfinished work on hand.

I am hoping to start another series of The Canadian Rockies and Alberta scenes.
I also want to do a flower garden and another poppy scene, so I might have a busy
early 2009!

It is a lovely day here in Calgary - sunny and bright which is better than dull and cold or rainy as far as I am concerned. I do love the fact that we have many many sunny days here, even when it is very cold. I found the coast so different and the dull, rainy days
were a bit difficult for me , even though there was very little snow or bitter weather.

I do love the early spring and blossoms there though.

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