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Monday, November 17, 2008

Thread painting

Here are a couple of pictures of my thread painting. One is the next project in my thread painting class - I painted the leaves and then thread painted over some parts of the leaves. The other is a peacock which I really enjoyed working on. Click on both to see the close ups. I beaded part of the peacock -- it is 13" x 13".

I am working on a landscape to be used as a prize on my learningfa group. I hope whoever wins it will like it. I am having lots of fun doing it.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Winter is here, I am sorry to say. Brrrrr !! Actually we are fortunate that it took this long as I have known it to turn very cold in October, so I guess it is to be expected.

I have been fighting bronchitis this past week and am finally feeling better. I have to venture out to get some variegated thread, some 505 spray for this wall hanging, and something for the border of the wall hanging I am working on. If the roads are too
slippery I will just wait until tomorrow. Gone are the days when I would drive in all
kinds of weather. Eight winters in Arizona cured me of that and now I hate to winter drive. Luckily my husband doesn't mind and as we are retired we can pick when we want to go out.
The kids got us a mattress cover that can be regulated to different settings of heat and can be used on one side or both. Why didn't I get one of these before???? It is absolutely wonderful. I am always cold and I turn on my side about l5 minutes before I
go to bed and it is toasty and warm! I don't leave it on all night but it sure is great. I would recommend it for anyone who gets cold and has trouble thawing out like me.

Well, I think it is time for me to read my paper. I seem to have so much time now that the US elections are over! I got to the point where I couldn't turn it off and even though I
am a Canadian, I found it drew me in. Our election came and went and wasn't nearly as exciting as the US.



Debbie said...

Oh I just love the fall wallhanging.... of course, having seen both these in person, the pics don't do them justice!! LOL... I have decided I am going to do your landscape class in the new year!!!

Shirley said...

I am just tickled that you will take the landscape class Deb. I know you can do it. We will start with a simple one to start and then a more involved one. How about taking the thread painting class too (grin).have be your whimsical little animals running and jumping through a field with mountains and lakes in the background!


SandyQuilts said...

Oh boy I can't wait. I'm doing the landscape, the thread painting, the blog and I forget what else. Love both of them. thanks.