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Friday, January 7, 2011

Good morning!

I am just back from morning coffee with my swimming exercise friends here in our condo.
We all meet after swimming and other friends from the condo meet us - we then visit for an hour or two. rather nice. I am enjoying the swimming 3 times a week and it is definitely good for me.

I am still knitting -- today is
Hayley's 7th birthday -
it is hard to believe - we are going out for dinner at a restaurant tonight and she will have her little
friends over for a skating party on
I am knitting her a very colorful original sweater (as usual, I enjoy designing as I go along) and it is looking quite good. I want it to keep her warm when they are camping and sitting around the campfire, or on chilly days --I have used about l5 different stitches on the rows and am having lots of fun with it. I am also still doing hats with the brim. It is amazing how popular they are and I am glad to say that the Christmas presents went over very well - in fact all the family girls have asked for another one. I am posting some of the new ones I have made .

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