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Friday, December 25, 2009


My six year old grand daughter just phoned -- it seems Santa brought her a set of drums and an
mouth organ ! (I am glad they are at her house rather than mine!). She 'played for us
on the phone and I promised I would help her play a tune on the mouth organ. We are having a quiet family get together tonight.

I am finding this Christmas difficult, but that is to be expected -I know it will be easier as
time goes by. I hope to get back to normal this next while - teach my classes which were
promised last summer and do another wall hanging.

Our weather is so much nicer today - we have had terrible weather this past month-but today it is bright and sunny, not bitter cold and a typical Alberta Christmas. I wish I could
share it with my friends in the warmer climes. (Maybe they could send a bit of their
warmth this way.

We spent 2 Christmas's in New Zealand and I remember having a 'barbie" on the beach
with our friends - wonderful sea food right out of the ocean- pipis, clams, etc. It is
one of my favorite memories of our two years there.

Once again, have a wonderful Christmas everyone! Shirley

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tisme said...

Have a great Christmas Shirley!
I know it is a tough one.