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Sunday, October 21, 2012

and here are some more

and more--------

I also received a wonderful yarn bowl from my hubby for my birthday, and my dear friend Deb made me one as well so I am very lucky.

here is the one from Hubby-- he bought it on a trip to Cochrane and I like the shape and size. I also made a crochet Stashbuster bag which is really quite handy.

Here are some warm, cozy slippers that was part of a workshop on KP (knitting Paradise).

I have been doing a lot of designing - especially sweaters and have had fun with it. The two below are my Waterfall tops which have become a popular workshop class.  they are comfortable and slimming (I do need that!)

 This is an afghan I made for Hayley - she loves purple, pink and wanted a flower afghan. The blue was made for my son's mother in law Frances, who loves blue.  I also made a knitted afghan for my dil in bright sunrise colors.   As you can see I have managed to keep busy.

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Marilyn Wallace said...

Sweater looks very pretty on you, Shirl.....