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Monday, August 1, 2011

My original designed sweaters. -2011

I am still doing a lot of knitting -- I just finished a turquoise and brown short sweater for a friend of mine which achieved the 'western' effect (she is a rancher near Cochrane (near Calgary) and teaches riding - It looked great on her.

I also finished the cream sweater on the right for a friend who lives in my condo building. she is very tiny and it looks good on her.

Here is a pullover I just designed and knitted for myself -- our winters are very cold and I think I will get lots of use out of it.

I can't believe how 'grey' I have gotten over the past two years -- they have been difficult to say the least and it sure does show! Things are going well now though.

I seem to be into the 'sweater' mode and have yarn for a light weight
pullover which I will start once I finish a rose colored sweater like the western one above. It is for a dear friend who
has had a major trauma in her life recently.

We are finally having a nice summer -- it is hard to believe it is August lst already. We had a very bitterly cold winter, a rainy not pleasant spring and this past week has been much better.

I am trying to swim at least 3 times a week and feel more fit than I have for awhile. I lost some weight and am trying to keep it off --


Dolores said...

How nice that you have been busy creating. I too have done a bit of knitting but not that much. Keep cool and I hope you and your husband are enjoying good health.

Anonymous said...

I am quite impressed with all of your work. Love the sweater you are wearing as well as the ones you made for friends. Saw you in your sweater on the knitting paradise forum.

Barblaff said...

I am quite impressed with all of your work. Love the sweater you are wearing and the ones made for friends. Your quilts are amazing

Saw you on the knitting paradise forum