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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hi everyone! I just looked over the blog as I have been away for some time and 
I would ask you to check out my flicker pictures on the right hand side -- click on Flicker.

It gives a pretty good idea of my  thread painting and appliqued wallhangings done since 2008

I think I am getting the urge to get back at it but have a bit of a time problem.  I couldn't even come in here to read the posts for quite awhile and that is why I haven't done any posting. 

I am feeling so much better and with the wonderful support I have received from my TP friends on Knitting Paradise, and reading the kind words from my quilting friends,  I just am feeling more like getting back to it.  There is a possible move coming up in our lives and if it comes through we 
will be on the west coast and they don't need much in the way of knitted objects so it would be a good time to go back to the landscape quilts and the crazy patch.  Will see what happens. 

I hope our tentative plans come to pass - but it is out of our hands.  Well, I am going to go and read.  

I just opened up a workshop with my friend Gwen who is teaching 3 beautiful scarves in the 
"Let's do Christmas early ' series of workshops which started last month.  some great workshops 
are happening .  I have them booked right through until Mar. 2014 - which amazes me. 

talk to you all later.  Designer (Shirley)

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