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I belong to a wonderful knitting and crochet group called

Knitting Paradise.

I hope you will drop by and check us out. Shirley

Saturday, August 3, 2013

 IT IS SO NICE TO BE BACK!  I have been really busy this past while in
Knitting Paradise , and have finally decided to start posting again.

I am having a lot of fun there - as I am organizing workshops (sound familiar)
using teachers (KP members) who teach different Knitting or crochet technique or projects to other KP members.   It is very satisfying and seems to be quite successful

My life has settled down a lot after losing Rob and then Pat had major heart surgery in 2011 ( two valve replacements, then I had  a bad fall while he was in the hospital and went face first into the carpet with an attack of BPPV (vertigo) (looked like I had been hit in the face with a baseball bat) -  Pat had two valves, mitral and aortic replaced and was in the hospital  for 45 days . He is doing very well now
but since then there have been other medical situations .  However things are looking very much better for us and  both of us are feeling much better.  Hayley is 9 -- unbelievable.

I have spent some time quickly scanning the different blogs - so nice to see all of you are doing so well with your quilting.

I will talk to you all soon.  Shirley

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