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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tutorial #1-My 4 season Challenge

I have mentioned the four season challenge here and finally have started mine.

We had to choose one of 11 black and white photos and make a small wall hanging using colors from one of the four seasons. The challenge was to do all four seasons, Or do four different pictures of the seasons.

Here is a picture of the black and white scene.
I decided to do winter. I cut a piece of 'timtex' which is a heavy web 12" x 12" and laid a pale blue strip across the top and white over the rest of the scene. I then cut out the mountain in a pale grey as I want it to seem to be far away. ---------

I had some wonderful very dark grey with a brown tinge which faintly showed fir trees. I cut the points of the trees out and laid it in front of the mountain. I have a dark blue grey batik which I used for the trees on the right which made them appear to be closer.
As you can see, I have thread painted part of the first set of trees. I used a variegated dark brown and cream for the trees. The light shade makes it look like the sun is shining on the tree tops. For the third set of trees I will change into very dark green for further away and come forward with a light shade for the rest of the fir trees. I found some wonderful
fabric yesterday for the fallen trees and logs on the right so I am looking forward to getting at them as well.
I then pieced some blue, turquoise and purple batiks to make the stream and laid it on the white. I cut another piece of white and made the snow on the left. I then put in some shadows with a fabric pen. (I will do more thread painting once the scene is together). I placed some rocks in the stream and thread painted some white water around it. (I will do more of this but want to get the scene together before I finish the thread painting) I am now in the process of working on the trees and the mountain in the distance - (I will use some white thread to paint some snow on the peak. I am enjoying doing this small
piece and am seriously thinking of doing more of the small scenes on timtex. I will follow up with more pictures as I go along. Shirley


Micki said...

That is a wonderful tutorial. I am looking forward to how you progress with it. It is going to be a dynamic quilt.

Burtine said...

That is really going well Shirley. Again I have a hiccup in my plans because of family surgery but I still hope to at least start on a landscape following your black and white ideas.