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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tutorial #2 - 4 Season Challenge

I have been working all morning on the challenge and it seems to be coming along okay.

I have changed it a bit , (I don't like it to be like a photo imiage) - and have added more interest to the side with the snow. I rather enjoyed doing this scene on the timtex as it means no puckering! grin.

I plan to do more with the snow side and improve on the foreground bushes . I will put a backing on it and finish with a zig zag around the edge. I still plan on doing some crayon shading on the logs. This has been an interesting piece for me. Let me know what you think about it. Click on the picture to see the close up. I will put the finished piece on tomorrow once I have it finished. Shirley


Dolores said...

I love it. That is so nice.

Micki said...

I like what you did with the snow, and using crayons for the shading will be wonderful!
Great job! Enjoying all of the tutorials.

Janet Hartje said...

What do you mean by crayon shading? Do you use fabric crayons? I've never used those. Do they need something special to set them? Another wonderful piece. Thanks Shirley for all you share with everyone. Janet Hartje

Shirley said...

I quite often use fabric pens or crayons for shading -- I use the fabrico,seta scribe or fabric mate pens (felt pens) and buy them at
Michaels here in Canada. I imaging the local quilt stores would have them and you might be able to google them too.

I am going to use brown and just put some shading in. Shirley