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Sunday, September 27, 2009


Please click on pictures to get a close up.

I am very impressed with Leah's blog on 365 different machine quilting samples. I have been doing a variety of different stitches on my borders and in my wall hangings for some time but with this piece I incorporated 3 or 4 of her samples in the piece. I thought you might find it interesting to see how I incorporated many different directions and stitche in the piece - especially in the sky and the border. It really sets off the scene and I am planning on using her different stitches in my work from now on.

The color of the sky is a bit 'off'' the sky photo - it is much more orange. I hope this helps you
make your borders more interesting - especially wall hangings.


Carol said...

Your stitches are looking nice. I'll be trying some of them fairly soon on one of my projects.
Love the crazy quilt in your header.

Shirley said...

Thanks Carol. I did a lot of crazy patch a couple of years ago.

I did four 'Fantasies" in four different colors. I have the green Fantasy and the Brown Fantasy still - the others are in private collections.

I loved doing them but they take a lot of time - and my first love is the landscapes. So little time so much I want to do. Shirley