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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Printed fabric information

Tricia -- regarding your comment here is the way I do it.
There is not a lot to it. I take a picture and enlarge it, or decrease it to the size you want with your photo program (I use photo shop) - I use one of two different kinds of
photo fabric for inkjet printers (I believe there are different types for other types of printers)

#1 Printed treasures - which has a fairly stiff paper backing. I try to do a group of pictures that I will likely want to use -- I usually do 6 anmials to a sheet , but in the case of the flowers my large peony took up nearly a whole page. I also did some 4" roses and managed to get 4 to a page as the printed fabric sheets are a bit expensive. I keep a file with my printed fabric photos and use them when I need them.

$2 Photo Fabric sheets "Crafter's images" The fabric is quite soft once the paper has been removed. I rinse the fabric once it is completely dried from the printing and when I remove the paper. Some images are on fabric sheets for some time as I leave them on the paper until I am ready to use them. Always rinse the printed fabric in cold water. The only time I don't rinse it is if I am going to thread paint the majority of the subject.

You can then use your printed fabric images 'as is' or do what I do and that is thread paint the image - placing the printed fabric on a heavy web (timtex or peltex) and thread paint the colors shown on the image. The timtex doesn't allow the picture to pucker.

You can see in the one picture ("Poppies and Wildflowers) how I incorporated the poppy into a wall hanging. The eagles were done for my son - I have done one set fully thread painted and the
example was drawn by hand using press n seal, and then painted and thread painted. I hope you find this interesting. Shirley

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Tricia said...

Shirley, this is good information. I've copied it to my files.... thank you for the details. One of the ladies in our Machine Embroidery Group does "photo memory quilts" on commission... and her favorite pre-packaged fabric brand is June Taylor - colorfast ink-jet sheets (only 3 sheets per pack). Yes, it does get expensive, so adding as many photos to one sheet as will fit, as you have described, is a great tip!

I also purchased Bubble Jet... do you recomment using this to prepare fabric sheets for printing?

I feel more confident to (once again) try printing on fabric. Thank you for the tutorial and examples.