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Thursday, September 17, 2009


I have decided to teach a class on Learningfa (my yahoo group) (click on the name) called Horse
Country -- This is a really good way to learn how to make sure you have the proper perspective as far as distance, as well as how to put buildings and animals in your piece. There is a lot of thread painting as well. If you are interested - I believe that there are a few spots open for new learningfa members.

We have some great classes coming up. I will be teaching a new series on thread painting this winter as well- it is a series of lessons to show how to thread paint different subjects and working into scenes.

We have had a month of lovely late summer weather. It is supposed to rain today and I do believe it will be welcome by the gardners and farmers although I hope it doesn't last too long as the harvesting is about to begin.

I do hope you will join learning fa if you don't belong, so that you can take some of my classes. We will also be doing quite a few traditional classes as well.


Laura said...

Is it too late to join the class? I've signed up for the yahoo group (sent in the request this morning). I found your blog through 365 days of free motion quilting. Your class sounds great as I'm trying to grown as an art quilter.
Laura T

Shirley said...

Once you have been accepted, go to Bookmarks and sign up. There are other art classes too including a thread painting series which will start in a few weeks. We also have classes planned for traditional quilting. Enjoy!