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Thursday, January 14, 2010


I spent a couple of hours doing a coyote for my latest wall hanging today. I was really happy with the coat but I put the eye too high in the face. tomorrow I will cover where I did the eye and then thread paint an eye a bit closer to the nose, and put a 'cheek' in rather than have the line under the chin so straight. I have another one that I will also thread paint for
the same wall hanging.This one will be for us - I hope you like it. I really enjoy doing the animals from a printed copy of one of my photos or a photo in a magazine or a newspaper.

This one was one of mine , the second smaller one which will be further back was taken
from a photo in our paper. I printed them on the fabric and then placed it on top of
the timtex and thread painted using the photo fabric as the color source. I don't draw animals well (or faces and people) so I usually take photos instead.

The bear above was done the same way. Shirley


Betweens said...

shirely don't touch it!! it is perfect!! I think their eyes set back further anyways...take another looks fantastic!

Tennye said...

It is nice I am looking forward to seeing the completed quilt.

Irish Kathi said...

Your work is simply outstanding.