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Monday, January 11, 2010

Each year .........

the girls in Learningfa who finish class projects - put their name in for a draw for one of
my wall hangings. I do a lot of samples for classes as well as wall hangings for my own
pleasure - This year TERI MARX won my wall hanging "A summer Morning".

Teri finished two of the classes and is an active member of the group so I was
pleased to see her win. CONGRATULATIONS TERI - I hope you enjoy having
this wall hanging in your home.

We will be doing the 2010 draw in December.


butrfly2200 said...

Congrats to Teri but Wow....I'll be able to do that bear after your class. Now I'm really looking forward to it. I was before now it's just more. I'm on holiday from Jan 23 to Feb 7 but after that I'll get started on this class. Hope I don't miss too much.

Shirley said...

The class starts on Feb.13 on learning fa so you won't have any problem. We will start with a robin and work into a flower.Then do
trees, and into animals, with different techniques for each subject.

Glad you are joining us. Shirley

Betweens said...

Hurray for Teri!! it is beautiful wall art and getting a piece of your work will be a cherished item for sure..

Micki said...

The wallhanging is just beautiful. She is very lucky!