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Friday, January 8, 2010


In 2000 I made my first hand painted southwest quilt -- I made a total of 5 - sold two and I gave the first one I finished (hand painted and hand quilted) to my oldest Son Rob.

2 weeks before he died he asked me if I would like to have it back and I said yes. I plan on getting it cleaned and will use it on our bed -- it means so much to me that he wanted me to
have it to remember him by. I painted it with acrylic craft paint and textile medium and hand quilted the quilt although it isn't quilted the way I would quilt it now.

The brown bordered quilt was made with my quilting group in Arizona - I painted the panels and they helped me put it together. It was quilt as you go. The other two pictures
are of the top and one of the side panels of the quilt that I kept. It is much like Rob's. I rarely paint my fabric any more as I enjoy the thread painting so much These are
amazingly, not difficult to look after - although I was worried that the paint would fade - not so, thankfully.

The orange bordered quilt (one of my favorites) was donated to the Crisis shelter in Strathmore in 2002 and they raffled it off - they made 4500.00 for their new shelter -- this quilt paid for their playground and childrens' room which really was exciting for me.

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