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Knitting Paradise.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Another " coat of many colors"

Here is another finished sweater from my workshop on " Knitting Paradise"-  We each figured out
our stitch numbers for our sizesl- and away we go!   I am really happy with the way these are turning out.   If you want to check out the forum  the link is attached.  I am having fun knitting for now but will likely return to art quilts sometime soon.   I have some projects for Christmas to finish first.

If any of you are knitters you should join Knitting Paradise -- it is a great place and all problems are solved! (ask me how I know!)


PegSue said...

A very lovely sweater! It gives me ideas to picking up my needles and getting to work- something I haven't done in years!

Marimom said...

I don't understand. Do you ever give directions for your beautiful sweaters?

Shirley said...

The Coat of Many colors is my way of showing people how to 'build' a sweater (cardigan or pullover) by calculating the stitches per in and the measurements you want. I have a closed workshop on Knitting Paradise that is there for members to read. I
hope you will go there and read the 'coat of many colors' workshop