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Thursday, June 4, 2009

More miniatures

Here are two more of my miniature quilts - they are such fun to make. I am thinking about teaching a class on learningfa or here on my blog. They are much faster to make than the larger wall hangings. The first one is mainly thread painting with appliqued fence. I really enjoyed
doing this one. The second is 'view from a cave' and I used hand dyed fabric for the ocean, a lovely brown and black batik for the rocks and then I painted the foam with acrylic craft paint mixed with textile medium. I have to cover the back and sew on the sleeve for the
cave and will take it with all the others to the retreat this weekend and will spend the time finishing up some bindings and sewing the 'sleeves' down on all the miniatures.

I am really looking forward to the retreat this weekend and will post some pictures when I get home.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Shirley


Angela said...

I love these miniatures, big (or small) are they?

Shirley said...

They are l2" x 12" and done with a timtex background so they are quite stiff and done pucker.

My work has always been over l8"x 20" - some up to 45" square so this is quite a novelty for me. thanks for the kind words Angela

Janet said...

These are both beautiful but I really love the view from a cave. What a novel idea. Great fabric choices.

Angela said...

That's a great size to work with - I've been making a lot of journal quilts lately and love working with that size. Over here Timtex is really expensive (about $12 a yard at 22" wide!!) I wonder if heavy fusible interfacing would work just as well? I've got some of that.