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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Postcards for Wellspring

I have just found out that the members of my group (Learning fa (fiber arts)) are going to be sending me unaddressed postcards to me to give to Wellspring to sell and hopefully raise funds for Carma House which has just opened here in Calgary- Wellspring is a
center for cancer survivors and support for cancer patients.
Who would have thought that I would be using their facilities a year after I decided to
support them by donating my wall hangings to raise money for them. As mentioned in
my last post - my son has just been diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer.

If you wish more information please let me know by commenting on this blog.

Thanks to all the people who have sent me supportive emails, phonecalls and posts during this difficult time. I especially want to thank publically the members my online group
who have shown me nothing but support and kindness during this past week. Special thanks to Deb, Verona and Caroline and other close friends -who are giving me unqualified support . Shirley


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