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Friday, July 24, 2009

Hello everyone!

This has been a fairly busy week for me. First of all, we were away for a couple of day and I received a group of beautiful cards for Carma House in Rob's name from the girls in the learningfa group. Mary H, Fran Cox, Jenni S (both from Australia, Jeanette P., Tricia --- as you can see, more glorious cards..

My husband and I were very happy to meet one of his
relatives (the son of his cousin who originally was from Scotland and now lives in England) the other night. They were heading to Banff and Jasper and hoped to take the Rocky Mountaneer Dome car through the Rockies to Vancouver. Now that there is the strong possibility of a railway strike - I am not sure what they will decide to do. It is too bad,
they were so looking forward to the dome car adventure.

We took an overnight trip to Lethbridge in Southern Alberta. We drove down the
'Cowboy Trail' where the huge ranches are. These ranches were the original ranches that were homesteaded by the first ranchers in this area. It is a very interesting area. We drove down to the highway east and west and had our lunch at Lundsbreck Falls, what a
pretty spot. Check out the header picture. I took it yesterday. We stayed overnight at
Lethbridge and meandered home this morning. It did me lots of good.

Once again, thanks to all those wonderful friends who are sending me the postcards.



Micki said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time. It is always wonderful to meet family.

Vivian said...

You are one talented lady!Your photo of the falls is wonderful. I'll have to look it up the next time we visit friends in Lethbridge!

Shirley said...

I love that photo - hope to do a wall hanging sometime in the future, featuring them. There is not much of a picnic area around the falls but they are really worthwhile to visit.

I have enjoyed visiting your blog Vivien. You do spectacular work too.

Maybe if we ever get out your way we can plan on a coffee. Shirley