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Thursday, May 20, 2010


We took Hayley out for lunch the other day, and we found some pillows shaped like a rainbrow trout - it was a foot taller than she was and she just loved it. I couldn't resist putting a photo
to show you.

She is growing so quickly, We look after her once a week and have since she was born so we have been lucky enough to be involved with her growing up. She changes so quickly.

I have had more issues with my mac - although I think I have the problems solved - for how long I don't know.

Yesterday I opened my blogs and there were no pictures or back
ground color on the blog s. It happened before and the mac
support person helped me get it back. About 3 hours later it was blank again except for the text - so I called them again. This time she walked me through quite a few steps and voila! there was the color. I just had all my data removed and there seems to be a glitch in it. Hmm- might end up having to buy another computer if it keeps on acting up.
Our Çhallenging ourselves group has chosen another challenge theme - 'FOUR ELEMENTS'
there should be some interesting reveals on this one. I have a few ideas perking around in my head. These challenges are REALLY a challenge.

I hope you will drop by our Challenging ourselves blog and see the results of the first challenge
"Hidden Treasures" Well, I have to head out for some errands. have a nice day! Shirley


Debbie said...

what a great pic of your little girl!!

Carol said...

I remember the days when my kids were smaller than their toys and would lug them around or use them as pillows :)

Micki said...

Any kid would love that cute!