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Monday, May 31, 2010

I hear that

Ontario is having a heat wave -- I know how hot and humid it gets there. HOWEVER, we
are having lots of snow - can you believe it! We have such a short summer under normal
conditions that we don't need a week of rain and snow at the end of May!
I am so tired of it! We had a lovely month of March and since then it has been yucky!

Here in Alberta we get winds from the North as well as winds from the Pacific and if the two run into each other it means lots of bad weather.

Oh well, at least I am getting some work done. I am also getting ready to go to two retreats
starting June 17 I will be gone for a total of 9 days - I will be teaching my little humming bird
Challenge quilt (with the babies in the nest) as well as a little winter scene. They will learn to
do a l2 x 12 miniature which will be thread painted on fabric backed by heavy timtex-

One of the retreats (Western Retreat) I started l0 years ago and women came from all over.
We have made many lifelong friends from it., The other is another retreat which originated with the first one. Between the two we have over 60 people meet each year.

I am working on a series of fish studies from underwater deep diving. They are wonderful and will be given as gifts for an upcoming event. I am really enthusiastic about them and have the first one well under way. I really like doing the miniatures that are completely thread painted.

Well, off to the library and then back to thread painting.

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