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Sunday, August 31, 2008

It seems I will have to be more careful of my spelling! Sorry for the errors.

It is dull and cool today. My little grand daughter is coming to spend the day
with us and as usual we are excited about her coming. I save all my binding for
when she is here - it is not my favorite thing to do and so I find I get my new
pieces finished - I have three to do so it is helpful to set aside her visiting time to
get them finished.

I am still working on my Forest and once it is finished I hope to finish working on my Big Sky Round robin- I am adding quite a lot of embroidery to the piece. The center block was
crazy patch and the ladies did a great job of adding borders for me. I love it -
For someone who is retired I seem to have so much on my plate - (self inflicted) - however, I love what I do and it keeps me young!

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