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Saturday, August 15, 2009


I placed two birch trees on the side of the landscape and thread painted some shrubs. I am quite happy with the
results. I still have to square it off and put a backing on it as well as a binding and label. I am happy it is finished as I started it before the Big Sky retreat, and due to illness in the family it has taken me until now to finish it. It sat for a month without being touched. It will be sold at the
Quilt Auction for cancer support in November.

I have decided to try a floral which is out of my comfort zone a bit. I am also getting a thread painting class organized so finally I am starting to feel normal. It doesn't change anything but I decided the only one who could get me back on my feet is me. I am going to work on the thread painting projects and the floral this next month.

Thankfully, Julie in the learningfa group has kindly taken over the reigns on the group and I am able to drop by when I feel I can. It is so helpful to know that the group is in such good hands - the girls are so wonderful in that group.

I would strongly recommend that you visit Val Hearder's blog - just click on the side bar. She
lived in South Africa for years and goes back and teaches to the women there. She has posted the most
interesting video of her last visit - it shows the wonderful, colorful work that the african ladies do.

I would love to go with her on her next trip. oh well - it is great that she brings back such wonderful pictures. Shirley


Janet said...

Love the addition of the trees in the foreground. You always do such amazing work. Take care of yourself. Janet

June said...

It looks beautiful, I love the birch trees in the border and how your work inspires me.. Thanks for sharing your projects with us online and what a wonderful gift someone will purchase through the auction. Hugggggggggs Shirley

June aka ElleMayple

Debbie said...

I just love this piece....

Carol said...

Your wall hanging is looking lovely. Good luck with the auction.