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Friday, August 14, 2009

Work in progress

I started this wall hanging in June, and FINALLY finished the main portion of this winter wall hanging. I still want to put some snow and birches on the wider side. It will be one of the quilts I will sell for
Carma house at the auction in November. I have made up my mind I am going to do my best to get back to normal. I don't remember a time in my life where I wanted to do NOTHING! I think I have allowed myself to get into a bit of a depression and decided today to stop it. grin.

I will now cut a few 3/4" strips of timtex for my trees and will lay a snow drift on the bottom left hand side
of the piece. This will give it a 3 dimensional look.These winter scenes sell quite well so I hope to
raise more money for Wellspring (Carma house). I give 50 - 75% of the proceeds to Carma and the rest buys my fabrics etc.

I am also getting together my thread painting workshop - the 4th I will have taught on learningfa and have decided to do some different subjects to make. I think this is such a good series and want to make it interesting for the students. We will start with thread painting some flowers, some birds and animals and then into landscapes - showing how thread painting can really enhance the work.

I also put up a class to be taught this winter if things go well, showing how to do a jean shirt with a scene or floral arrangement on it. So I am getting myself together and trying to get at least partly back to work.

I also hope to do more of my l2" square scenes - I hope to have more for the auction. So I am setting some goals for myself which I really need. I will post the scene once I have the birches added. Shirley

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