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Monday, November 30, 2009

Carma results -$985.00

Wendy just called me and told me that between the postcards and my wall hangings, $985
was given to Wellspring . Isn't that great? They also sold quite a lot of larger quilts and though they didn't make as much as last year, with the economy the way it has been this past year, they did very well. I am very proud to be part of the efforts to raise money for the
Wellspring projects. Especially right now and especially when the wonderful cards you
sent me in Rob's and My name did so well.

I am hoping to donate more of my quilts next year. Thanks to Wendy for doing such a
great job organizing the auction and sale.


Carol said...

That is wonderful. Maybe we can help out again next year?

Shirley said...

That would be wonderful -- it really would. I will continue asking for cards whenever people want to send them.

It is for such a good cause and it has meant so much to me -

Janet said...

Glad to hear the auction went well! thanks for sharing that with us.

Teri said...

Shirley, I'm so glad I was able to help with this project! And of course I will send more. Let us know when you want to start collecting them again. For all you and your family have been through this year, what a bright spot this most be. I think of and pray for your family often.


Micki said...

That is wonderful that your auction was so successful!

Debbie said...

Thanks Shirley for a lovely tribute to your son.... love you