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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wellspring -Carma House -sales - 2009

I just heard from Wendy -- they have made over $300.00 so far from the post cards and will sell the rest at the Christmas party on Saturday. I am so thankful for all your cards.

They have also sold 2 of my wall hangings and I will have a table At Carma house on
Saturday, so I hope to sell a few more. It comforts me to be able to help Carma House
right now, and I am looking forward to being at the Christmas party on Saturday.

I haven't been out much, due to being sick, and no energy -so it will be great to get a day out.

There was the most beautiful Chinook Arch over the Rockies yesterday, so today is
very warm and feels like spring! grin.

I hope you are all happy and content and have eaten lots of turkey!

I won't guarantee how much I will be around in the next while, but will try to drop in.
Things are not getting better here, and I know they won't be. I hope you will continue to
keep my son and I in your prayers. Shirley


Carol said...

Lovely news about the cards and your wall hangings.

I know times are challenging with your son but may you enjoy the time you have with him. Get better yourself.

We all love and appreciate all that you have been doing for each of us at LearningFA. You are a wonderful lady.

Shirley said...

Thankyou Carol- you have no idea how much the love and support of the
group means. I also have received so much support from all my other friends.

It has meant so much, as I feel your support and friendship.