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Saturday, November 14, 2009


One motif I often use is the little pine cones and needles -- It is so useful for
Autumn or Christmas gifts. here are some examples. You can draw an
egg shaped oval, then color each egg with a medium brown, (use a coppery
brown). Once you have the cone covered, then take a dark brown or black thread
and put in the layers - click on the photos so you can see what I mean.

I usually draw a fairly wide branch, and put the cones on it. then cut it out
as mentioned previously, then satin stitch around the trunk and the cones.

very fine satin stitch, or zig zag or even a straight stitch in dark green- go up
and down from the trunk, behind and beside the pine cones - make your
needles quite long. go over and over changing the spot of the needles so that
it appears to have many many needles. Then change to a satin medium to
dark thread and put a few needles on top. This is a great little project to
decorate any Christmas project - you can make them as large or small as you

I HOPE YOU have enjoyed these three little projects and that you do use them.


Linda E said...

Shirley, thank you so much for sharing your many talents. I hope to begin the lessons right after Thanksgiving. I have never thread painted before, but I can see that your tutorials are very, very informative and inspirational. I can hardly wait to get started.

Shirley said...

I am glad you feel that the small
tutorials are helpful. It is the same as anything else - you have to make up your mind you are going to master it, and then you have to
practice - They are not difficult once you get the feel for the thread painting. I taught myself and worked quite a lot of hours before I mastered it. Once you get the knack you can thread paint all sorts of things. I hope you will send me a picture when you get one done. Shirley

diamond said...

Thank you Shirley, your tutorials are so amazing. This year I would like to go back to the rose tutorial and get started. You amaze us all with your sharing and caring, and especially when your own life is so must be so that when you give love away, you get it back 10 fold.