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Saturday, March 6, 2010


I played with photo shop all day yesterday and learned quite a bit. I had no
problem manipulating the pictures, however I am having problems saving the changes to the photos - especially putting them on the blog. I finally put it in my iphotos and then transferred it to my desktop with a jpeg format.

I know there is a much easier way so I am going to read about transferring pictures as well as putting the manipulations into the photo shop library.

It was lots of fun and I hope to use what I am learning, on one of my challenges. The attached picture was the original for the header manipulated picture. I hope to have more soon! (after I figure more out)


tisme said...

Looks really cool!
I downloaded an application for Adobe Photoshop and am still trying to figure it all out too. lol

Delia (Del) said...

It's fun isn't it. The picture ont he top of my blog is one I did.
Thanks to Fran as I would not that remembered to do it.
So many things we learn and then forget.

Debbie said...

that's quite interesting.... i kept thinking there was something wrong with my computer... but realized it was your header - LOL... good job!

Neroli Henderson said...

I just put this on the challenge yourself blog - but in photoshop go 'save as' and make it a JPG or PNG file from there. Both should post to the blog ok. You may need to flatten layers if you're using them or save as a copy before it will let you do this/

Carol said...

My daughter and I are learning about Photoshop together. She is taking a photography class at school. Very interesting.

Tennye said...

I love this is the process one you have in a class? I am so enjoying the thread painting, and I hope you are able to recover your files with out too much trouble.