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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thread painting ...

has been a passion of mine for the last 4 years- I was going through some of my old discs - trying to find photos I can
use for my Thread painting classes, as I lost a lot of information and I discovered this one, which was one one of my first
real attempts of doing thread painting of an original drawing. I remember the feeling of satisfaction when I finished it and framed it. I gave it to my aunt and as she is in Newfoundland - I haven't seen it on her wall. I hope you like it.


Penny said...

I once had a chance to take a class in thread painting and passed it up - your post makes me wish I hadn't. Nice!

Shirley said...

Hi Penny- I am currently teaching an ongoing class on line -- sorry you didn't know about it. If you look through my archives o you will see quite a few tutorials.

I love your dogs! they are beautiful! Shirley

Carol said...

The flowers look lovely.
I have family in Newfoundland :)