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Friday, April 9, 2010

Learningfa Class projects

We are having a very successful thread painting  on going series and Delia from Australia
did this beautiful parrot.   I taught how to do a robin and was so pleased that she took one of 
the beautiful parrots that live in her part of the world.   When we were in  Oz  about 5 years ago we  visited a place just outside of Melbourne that  had thousands of parrots.  They ate out of 
our hand.
  Delia is in the same  Challenge group that I belong to and an active member of our group.  She can do anything - traditional and art quilts.  She will be teaching the 'disappearing nine patch ' in May.

The second picture is  a Seminole patchwork wall hanging which was taught by Verona -
her wall hanging is lovely.  It was a very successful class and I am showing you her
class sample.   Verona does such gorgeous work.  It was an extremely successful class.

The bottom   picture is the next landscape class I will be teaching  in May- we just finished 'skating on the pond"  the girls are working on theirs right now.   This one is quite easy so I hope they enjoy it.

these are just examples of what we do in learningfa (fiberarts).   So much fun.   Shirley

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Delia (Del) said...

I had missed this post Shirley.
Thank you