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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our 55th anniversary

was yesterday, so Pat and I decided a couple of days ago to go to Banff and spend some time 
just soaking in the scenery.   The  picture here is Bow Falls right in Banff Town and although the ice has melted the falls are still covered with ice and snow.  It is a lovely spot.   We then went to the Vermilion lakes which is also in the Banff Townsite and took lots of pictures of Mt. Rundle with snow on the lake.   It is one of my favorite mountain scenes -- and each time you go it looks different. 

I am going to do another wall hanging ,Spring in the Rockies once I finish binding a couple of my newest wall hangings.   Check out the header on the blog and you will see how beautiful it is.

It was a wonderful little trip and the when we got home last night Kelly (son) and family took us for dinner.    

I really needed to get away and I could feel the stress leaving me on the trip.   It is my favorite place in the whole world.    Shirley

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Debbie said...

Beautiful pics.... Happy Anniversary.... luv you