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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pine needle baskets and clay

This is part 2  of my southwestern art pictures.   I learned to do some wonderful pine needle 
woven baskets  which I still have, while I was staying at Valle del Oro in Mesa --  In some cases I hand built some centers and
poked in holes all around the center circles -- Then I attached the raffia and started making the outsides.   The long one is 
a 'bun holder' - the larger is a hot mat -- the basket at the side 
is a bit different.  First of all I dyed my needles a brown -  and used sliced walnuts put together with silicone - which gives them strength and a nice looking finish.  I also incorporated some walnut slices in the ends of the basket.   

As mentioned in my previous post, I loved doing the southwestern arts - and these are 
treasures.  I made quite a few at  the time for gifts but made  sure I kept one of each for me!

I hope you enjoy looking back with me.   Shirley

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