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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Skating on the pond - continued #3

I finished doing the landscape part of this piece, for a class I am going to teach on 
Learningfa -- we have over 80 students signed up so I hope they enjoy this winter 
landscape.   Here is the finished top -- it now has to be bordered and quilted, but 
the class portion is finished.   I hope you like it.   There will be lots of room for 
variety as the student can go much simpler than this one so I hope  the class goes well.

A landscape similar to this one was sold at the quilt acution for breast cancer a few 
years ago  at their auction and did very well.   I have to admit I am glad it is done 
as I like to do new 'stuff' rather than repeat - however it is great for a class and people
love the little skaters.   


Carol said...

It looks lovely.

TeriMarx said...

Now I really wish I had signed up for the class :( It really is a pretty work. But I feel I'm so behind on the rest of the thread painting.............Teri M.

Micki said...

It looks very pretty!