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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fabric Painted quilts

We have been having an interesting discussion on learningfa about painting on fabric as well as other methods of coloring fabric. My first quilts (in 2000) were painted quilts. I started my first quilt with the help of my friends at the park in Arizona where we spent our winters, and carried on from there. Here are some of the quilts. I used acrylic paints with
textile medium and two are still in use on my bed - others were given away, sold or given to charity. I went through a period of Southwest work and most of my quilts were done during this time. I painted most of them on muslin or fairly heavy thread count cotton -

I loved doing the southwest 'little people' especially the borders with the children.

I hope you enjoy these. Shirley


Lisa Dunn said...

Your painted quilts are beautiful. I just love the little people.

Shirley said...

Thanks so much Lisa - I loved doing them. Shirley

JenMeister said...

These are just lovely to look at, Shirley! Thanks for sharing :)