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Monday, May 18, 2009

Our first home -see header

-we purchased a little house in Vancouver in the 50's. Pat (my husband) was in the Canadian army, and up until then we lived in Army quarters. This little house has not changed except for the skylight, in all those years! My son took a picture a couple of month's ago. I loved Vancouver - the picture shows the house in autumn and this scene brings back
so many memories, as during those years we got very little snow but lots of rain. There are lots of maples planted along the road in front and I planted a maple tree in the front.

One of our learningfa members who is very talented, Chris in NJ is teaching a class on how to do a wall hanging of your house. I have decided to do this one, as I have so many happy memories of this house when the children were small. I planted the trees and shrubs and they are very large now. I am hoping to do this one for each of my kids but we will see how it goes. When Kelly, (my son) sent it to me , it sure did bring back some wonderful memories.


Angela said...

Shirley what a sweet little house :o) I can't wait to see it in fabric, it's so full of character.

The house I chose to do is not mine but I wish it was (mine is a boring semi-detached in a boring suburb of Manchester (UK)) and my chosen house is a character-full cottage in North Yorkshire...and with it's own picket dream :o)

This promises to be a fun class doesn't it?

Shirley said...

It sure does Angela -- I love the older houses but then I grew up with them grin. This was a small house but we fixed up the basement with bedrooms and a play room for the boys when they were young. so many memories.

I am just sorry that I can't get mine started until July. Oh well. Yours sounds lovely. There are so many wonderful houses and cottages in the UK. When we were in Scotland I fell in love with some of the old cottages we saw there.

thanks for the comment. Shirley