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Saturday, May 30, 2009

My miniature quils\ts

are so much fun to make. Here are two more that I just finished- the others have been posted in previous posts. I had a beautiful piece of my hand dyed fabric and decided it would be great for a sunset.

As you know from previous posts, I love Mt. Rundle so did one for myself.

I am getting ready for the Big Sky Retreat which will be held at Old's college next weekend. It is an annual retreat and some of us have met every year since 2001. Two weeks later I will be going to the Western Retreat at Sylvan Lake. It is great to meet old friends and make new friends each year. Both are lots of fun and I look forward to attending each year.

I am also finishing a larger quilt that I have made for the new WELLSPRING house, which is being built by Carma Developers, here in Calgary,I believe - it is opening the middle of June and will be a great asset here. Wellspring is dedicated to the support of cancer patients , survivors and
families and caregivers. It is a wonderful place and I am honored to be involved in helping them out. One of my wall hangings will be featured in one of the rooms in the new house. I was honored that they asked me if I would contribute to their new home.

I am hoping to do a wall hanging of the house which is featured in my header- It was the first house we bought and our children spent the first part of their lives there. It is Vancouver where we were stationed with the Canadian army in the 60's - I have such happy memories of this little house. Chris (a member of the learningfa group) is teaching the group how to 'build' a wall hanging of our house. The class is underway now but I won't be able to work on mine until July or August. Some of the houses are beautiful. She asked that each of us do a house that means a great deal to us and this little house has such great memories for me.

It is so nice to have lovely sunny days here at last. finally.
My best wishes go out to all the people in the United States and Canada who have lost their jobs, or homes, or have other problems caused by this recession. My prayers are with you all. Shirley

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Chris from NJ said...

Your little landscapes are beautiful. I love the hand dyed sunset fabric.

I can't wait to see your house quilt when you make it later this summer.