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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Older work

Here are a couple of pictures of some of my older work. The first shows the greeting cards, I taught to a class in Arizona in the 90's. The cards were on display at our 'Art Show' that is me on the right. The second picture was from the New Zealand Women's weekly magazine in l971! I did copper tooling and usually the subjects were the
Maori faces, which are tatooed(?). The
one I was working on was a well known
Maori Chieftain, from when the treaty with the Maori's was signed many many years ago.
I did commission pictures and my husband framed them. We went back in the late 80's and many of my friends had copper pictures of mine on the walls. As you can tell from my dark hair it was over 30 years ago! It was an honor to be featured in their magazine.

Another beautiful day today- I am heading out to do some shopping for the two retreats I am going to this June - need some goodies for the secret sister gifts. I am looking
forward to them both.
I worked on another timtex picture last night - I made an underwater scene and what fun!
I am really enjoying making small wall hangings, and they take so much less time.

I think I might do another underwater scene so that I will have a pair.

Well, it is time to head out. Talk to you all later. Shirley

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Dolores said...

Multi, multi talented!