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Saturday, May 2, 2009

some interesting work

is being done by the members of our learningfa group.

I want to post a few pictures of work done by our Learningfa members - these have not been class projects but other work. I especially want to show you Judith's,. She did some lovely wax crayon blocks and made a couple of really nice projects. The first is a table topper and the 2nd is a lovely quilt. Judith found subjects from coloring books, transferred the pictures onto fabric and used wax crayons to color them until they were the
intensity she wanted. She then removed the wax by ironing (I think on paper towels?) until the wax was removed and only the color remained. As she mentioned, this would be a wonderful way to teach a child to make a little wall hanging or a quilt. I think they are beautiful. I will be posting more of the work done by our learningfa members quite often.

I am currently finishing up another wall hanging - I have decided I want to keep one of them for me, and the other will be donated to Wellspring. I have it all quilted and am just putting the backing, sleeve and binding on it. It is much like the one I finished recently. I will put a picture of the finished piece tomorrow or the next day.

We have sun!!!! - the forecast is good so finally we might see some spring. As our summers here in Canada are not long, we are sure ready for some warm weather.
Our learningfa (fiberarts) group is celebrating their 2nd anniversary so we are quite pleased. I started the group on May 1st 2007 and we have nearly 450 members. We have given lots of free classes and needless to say, we are happy that it is going so well.

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