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Saturday, May 30, 2009

A few years ago I

spent a lot of my time painting on fabric. Here are some pictures of some of the many many tote bags I painted . I hope you like them. I
haven't done much fabric painting in the past few years, but did keep busy when I was doing them. I painted quilts, table cloths, wall hangings, etc. Looking at the forest trees I see I incorporated some rough edged applique into the bag as well, although the large trees were definitely painted. I used acrylic paints with extender when I painted on fabric. Shirley


Eva said...


Your painted bags are beautiful, they should be on display. Your work is an inspiration to me. Enjoy your quilting retreats.

Bedford, NS

Micki said...

Your bags are wonderful! They are like paintings!

Sharon said...

Shirley I love the bags. Your painting is very professional and I for one would love to see all of them.....

Shirley said...

Thanks for the kind remarks about my painted bags. I must have painted 200 bags over the years. lots of fun.

I appreciate the comments both of you had made on my blog - thanks again.