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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


is the name of our new Challenge group -- we have our own yahoo group and have chosen our first challenge --" Hidden treasures" - what a great choice. I think I have a pretty good idea of where I want to go with this. I had decided I wouldn't say much about what I hoped to accomplish, here. However I think I will post generally about my struggles -grin.

My goal is to branch out with my work. I have done so many landscapes of the Rockies, winter and places around where I live. I have decided not to go in that
direction - and hopefully do some of the things I have wanted to do over the years.
I am happy with my work, but it is time I forced myself to try new directions.
I have decided - especially for this first challenge that I don't want to change
completely - I prefer to use what I have learned over the years, but try new
ways to accomplish my goal or even change my goal still doing what I love to do.

We have such a variety of ladies signed up in this new group, that it will be fascinating to see what each of us ends up with. I think the subject is perfect for our first challenge - so many different directions we can go.


tisme said...

I drew my idea up today and now just need to figure out how to get it from paper to cloth! lol
Shirley, I think this is what I needed at this time. Thank you!

Kayla coo said...

Hello Shirley,
Thank you so very much for your comment as I think your textile work is very beautiful.
I love your winter tree picture.x

Shirley said...

Kayla coo -- I was very impressed with your work too-

Isn't the art world a wonderful place, and aren't blogs a great way to get our work 'out there?'