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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Is the chief ice maker for the
Olympic curling.

He had done many of the world's tournaments and
this is his first Olympics- as chief ice maker. He was chosen to carry the
torch and loved every minute of it.

What a wonderful time for him. Canada is starting out with wins for both men and women and hopefully they will bring home a medal in Curling.

The men's and women's teams are both from Alberta so we are watching the games whenever they are shown. My sister and her family are all very involved with curling and we are all so proud of Dave.

I loved watching the moguls and the snow boarding - they are so quick and so brave!

It is too bad we don't have some of the snow that is falling on the east coast.

Paul Brandt - who is singing the National Anthem at the awards ceremony tonight is the son of a family friend of ours and is very very popular here in Canada and I believe he is known in some of the States. He decided early on in
his career to stay up here rather than stay in Nashville where he spent a couple of years. Decided he didn't want to go that route and came back to Calgary and
is now the top Western Artist in Canada. Very nice young man.

I hope you are all enjoying the Olympics as much as I am.

I am pulling for Apollo OOno, as well as our speed skaters today as well.



Carol said...

Congratulations on the family involvement. I know that the curling ice is getting rave reviews :)

Dolores said...

When my daughter lived in Thompson MB she saw Paul Brandt when he did a tour of small towns.

Vivian said...

This Olympics will be a time to remember! I'm watching the men's skating and they are incredible.

Heidi said...

I bet you are enjoying it. We from Switzerland are too: having Simon Ammann with his jumps and 4 Golds: