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Monday, February 15, 2010

Good day at the Olympics!

We won the first ever gold in a Canadian Olympics last night. The men's moguls were won by a Canadian so we are all quite happy now. Also won a silver and a gold and had lots of close finishes.

The US is doing very well as usual. I was sorry to see Apollo miss the gold in the speed skating. I watched him on Dancing with the stars and he seemed like
a very nice young man.

They have been showing some wonderful pictures of my beautiful country.

Tomorrow is Alberta Day so there will likely be lots of nice shots of this area.

I started teaching my 3rd series of thread painting - we started with a Robin perched on a pussywillow branch - the girls are doing a wonderful job. I am
really pleased with the results so far.

We will be learning how to do leaves, flowes, animals and then start getting information which will be used in doing landscapes. Trees, buildings, mountains, thread painting bushes -- Once we have that finished we will
do a wall hanging using the thread painted trees and buildings - the girls seem
very enthusiastic.

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